Safety Training Module

Our safety software will save time and eliminate tedious efforts to manage and document required safety training. ZeraWare makes employee safety training easy to manage and will ensure your compliance with OSHA requirements.

Customize your own safety training requirements. ZeraWare will notify you when training is due and who needs to attend. Our software will compile your safety training data automatically in real time. Multiple tables and charts will display the current status of employee safety training in different ways: per person, topic, job title, department and shift.

With ZeraWare, you have the means to monitor the current status of required safety training with a click of the mouse. You will have ample details about safety training completed and safety training to be done.

Our software will notify you when any required safety training is due within the next 30 days, with the topic and the employees who need to attend. If a topic is required to be repeated, ZeraWare will track that for you as well.

Our safety training session attendance sheet will be signed by employees and attached to each training session, where it cannot be lost and is easy to find 24/7. Even your power point training material can be attached. When an OSHA inspection occurs, you will have documentation to confirm compliance.

Key Features

  • Customize employee safety training requirements.
  • Compiles safety training data and updates in real time, automatically.
  • See when required safety training is due. Never be in doubt or forget.
  • Track safety topics required and training completed to date in many ways.
  • Attach attendance log and training material to training sessions.
  • When an OSHA inspection occurs, ZeraWare will confirm training compliance.
  • Monitor the current status of safety training requirements with ease 24/7.