About ZeraWare

A little background from the creator of ZeraWare.

It took three years and the teamwork of experienced safety professionals and computer programmers to create ZeraWare. The objective was to develop solutions to safety program problems that I encountered over 30 years of safety management experience in industry. I have been a Safety Manager, Corporate Safety Director and safety consultant to over 50 Companies and organizations including: the U.S. Department of State, Gibraltar Steel Corp., Goya Foods, Dunlop Tire Corp., the city of Niagara Falls and so many others.

ZeraWare provides a sustainable safety management system with user friendly applications that will streamline safety program functions, control the causes of accidents and ensure OSHA compliance in any workplace. My experience with developing and implementing safety programs provided a world of knowledge about preventing employee injuries and complying with OSHA regulations. That experience has been applied to creating the safety management system, procedures, forms and software solutions you will find in ZeraWare.

Our safety software gives safety personnel the ability to gain command and control over the fundamental functions of their safety program. ZeraWare actually monitors safety management functions. The software applications enable managers to track the status of the core components of a safety program. Safety data is compiled automatically. OSHA compliance can be managed more effectively. ZeraWare has the tools that will enhance the ability of any safety manager to orchestrate a safety program that is a continuous improvement process. It will only get better.

Thank you,
Thomas L. Zera, C.S.P.