About Zeraware

Tom ZeraHello,

A little background about our safety software. It took three years and a team of experienced safety professionals and computer programmers to create ZeraWare. The objective was to develop solutions to safety program problems that I encountered over 30 years of safety management experience in industry as a Safety Manager, Corporate Safety Director and safety consultant to over 50 Companies and organizations including the U.S. Department of State and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Our efforts have been successful. ZeraWare provides a sustainable safety management system with user friendly applications that streamline safety management functions, eliminate tedious tasks and make OSHA compliance easier. Problems solved.

In addition, our certified safety professionals, knowledgeable computer programmers, skilled technicians and dedicated staff will support your ability to utilize ZeraWare to the full extent of its capabilities.

You will find that ZeraWare is easy to use, feature rich and will meet your needs to orchestrate and administer a multi-faceted safety management system that excels.

I look forward to working with you.

Thank you,
Thomas L. Zera, C.S.P.

Additional Information:

ZeraWare is for Companies that want to implement a new safety management system or improve their current safety program. ZeraWare will help solve numerous safety program problems.

ZeraWare enables safety personnel to manage the five core components of a sound safety program: incident reporting, accident investigations, safety inspections, employee safety training and OSHA injury recordkeeping.

Our Enterprise version includes automatic notifications and a Dashboard that compiles safety data as tables and graphs in real time.

ZeraWare has an advantage over other safety software programs that are only web based. With ZeraWare, your Company has a choice:

  • You can choose a client-server configuration. Your ZeraWare database will be on your Company’s server.
  • Or, you can have a web based configuration. Your ZeraWare database will be on our Cloud platform.

A Support Service Package provides the following services for continuous one year terms at no additional cost:  unlimited tech support, safety applications support, upgrades, changes with any OSHA injury recordkeeping forms.

ZeraWare can be used on a desk top or lap top computer with a Microsoft Windows operating system. ZeraWare is not compatible with Apple computers or other mobile devices. But ZeraWare is compatible with the Apple Surface devices.

Our safety software is universal in application. It can be applied to any safety program, in any industry of any size.

We provide a detailed User Guide on the index page of each module. User Guides explain exactly how to use every feature and function.

ZeraWare was developed by a certified safety professional, for safety professionals. The safety procedures, forms and functions come from real world experience. They are practical, well designed and user-friendly.