How can ZeraWare software help solve accident prevention problems?

health-safety1Solve Safety Management Problems

Health and safety software from ZeraWare addresses a firm’s incident report, safety inspections, accident investigations and overall workplace accident prevention efforts. Our environmental health and safety software can act as a safety consultant in how it’s utilized to address employee safety problems. ZeraWare is practical, functional safety management software for addressing any and all safety program problems that may apply.

A key feature of our health and safety software is the option for customization. Like a consultant, the data fields of our safety management software can be form-fitted to accommodate your firm’s specific accident prevention needs and problems. By customizing with our health and safety software, safety personnel obtain an easier way to document and maintain information about problems and corrective actions. ZeraWare environmental health and safety software programs not only record and retain problems found with accident investigations and safety inspections, our safety management software also documents the corrective actions to be taken and whether or not they were taken. This sophisticated health and safety software is a problem solving management tool. ZeraWare health and safety software is also adaptable to different situations. Any industry or type of operation is suitable for our health and safety software. The many features and functions of each environmental health and safety software program provide useful ways and means to address a wide range of accident prevention problems and issues. Each module provides different perspectives and insight into safety related concerns and safety program needs.

health-safety2The accident prevention module has five different accident investigation forms that ask all the right questions for the type of incident that occurred. Our employee incident report form has 30 data fields to help identify exactly what happened. The ZeraWare workplace safety inspection module is completely flexible and allows you to develop a checklist for any type of inspection.

Bottom line: our health and safety software provides a sophisticated and efficient way to analyze and resolve accident prevention and employee safety problems. ZeraWare offers safety personnel a user-friendly package of health and safety software, environmental health and safety software, safety management software and safety problem software all in one.