Accident Investigation Software

Key Features

  • User friendly forms guide and enhance the process
  • A Root Cause Analysis is included
  • Attach photos, videos, documents to investigation forms
  • Assign corrective actions to personnel.
  • Track corrective actions. Ensure they are done.

Our safety software provides a well designed process for conducting a thorough investigation. Our forms provide the right questions in a user friendly format that will explain why an incident happened and the corrective actions to be taken to prevent a recurrence.

ZeraWare provides five investigation forms that ask the right questions for different types of incidents: employee injury, fire, chemical spill, motor vehicle accident, property damage, etc. A root cause analysis process with forms and a tutorial for training is included.

Our accident investigation process provides accountability. The corrective action for each cause of an accident can be assigned to a person with a target date. All corrective actions can be tracked to ensure they are completed.  

Investigating the incident is only half the task.

Tracking the corrective actions completes the process.

The ZeraWare Advantage:

  • Our accident investigation software was created by a Certified Safety Professional with 25 years of industrial safety experience. The content is authoritative, user friendly and practical. Every investigation will be productive and helpful, no matter who conducts it.
  • A Root Cause Analysis is available for a more intensive investigation. Our user friendly format will enhance your ability to identify contributing causes and prevent a similar accident in the future.
  • Our corrective action log provides an easy and effective way to track corrective actions from every investigation. They cannot be forgotten or overlooked.
  • Specific personnel can be notified about corrective actions from an investigation automatically, with ZeraWare Enterprise.