Incident Report Software

Key Features

  • Track accidents, track incident details
  • Customize data fields to suit your workplace
  • Attach photos, videos, documents to incident reports
  • Compile safety data – create graphic reports in seconds
  • Sort data – find and fix problems – prevent accidents


Incident Report Module

Our Incident Reporting software provides time-saving, user friendly applications for recording and tracking the details about incidents of any kind: employee injuries, a near miss, fire, property damage, chemical spill, etc.

Establish and manage a safety data base of incident details that you can search, sort and analyze to identify patterns, hazards and problems. Our software will direct your accident prevention efforts where needed. Prevent recurrent incidents.

Track incidents and corrective actions with ZeraWare Safety Software

Compile safety data about incidents and accidents with ease and efficiency. Produce professional safety performance reports in minutes not hours. Use search and sort functions to quickly find reports and details from your ZeraWare database.

Our Incident reporting applications will streamline your ability to document incident details, identify recurrent safety problems and implement constructive corrective actions.

The ZeraWare Advantage

  • Customize data fields in Incident Reports to be a perfect fit for your workplace.
  • Photos or videos and documents of any kind can be attached to Incident Reports.
  • Track incident details to identify recurrent problems or patterns and implement corrective actions.
  • Display incident data as text, graphs or pie charts for reports or posting.
  • Automatic notification when an incident occurs with ZeraWare Enterprise.