Manage Safety Training

Key Features

  • Ensure that required safety training is done
  • Schedule & confirm any safety training attended
  • Track safety training by person, job title, topic, date
  • Notification of expired safety training
  • Be informed when retraining is due


Manage Safety Training

Our safety training software provides a comprehensive system for scheduling, managing and tracking safety training.

Track scheduled and completed safety training: by Date, Name, Job Title, Topic, required training due and more.

Create a safety training data base that documents the details of any safety training. Confirm compliance with any safety training requirements quickly and easily.

Our safety training software monitors required training completed per employee, in real time. Click an employee name or job title to view all the safety training topics attended, or the required topics not attended, or when recurrent safety training is due.

The ZeraWare Advantage

Conducting the training is only half the task.
Managing the training completes the process.

  • With ZeraWare, all of your documentation of safety training completed and scheduled will be consolidated where it is safe, readily accessible 24/7 and cannot be lost.
  • Our safety training software provides an assortment of safety software applications specifically designed for documenting and tracking employee safety training in the workplace, in numerous ways.
  • ZeraWare saves time. Our software eliminates tedious tasks and provides a system of tables and functions for scheduling, documenting and tracking employee safety training. Our software applications provide the framework and the tools.
  • Confirm compliance with confidence. Our safety training applications enable you to monitor compliance with any regulatory safety training requirements in a variety of ways: by person, topic, date, job title and more.
  • Signed attendance sheets to certify the training can be attached to safety training sessions where they cannot be lost and are easy to find when an OSHA inspection occurs.
  • The printed training material, video or slide program can be attached to training sessions for future use and to verify the content of the training for compliance.