OSHA Compliance Software

Key Features

Key Features

  • OSHA Injury recordkeeping forms completed for you.
  • Automatic notification of OSHA safety training due.
  • Customize OSHA Compliance audits to suit.
  • Track corrective actions. Implement improvements.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA requirements.

OSHA Required Safety Training

  • ZeraWare monitors OSHA required safety training: per employee, job title, topic and date.
  • Automatic alerts are issued when required safety training is due.
  • Multiple tables display the status of OSHA safety training; required and completed.
  • Training data is updated automatically when any required training is done.
  • Track required training completed: by person, topic and job title.
  • ZeraWare makes compiance with OSHA required training easy and efficient.

With ZeraWare’s computer based system, OSHA injury recordkeeping is not a chore, it’s automatic.

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping

ZeraWare completes four OSHA injury report forms for you, automatically.

  • OSHA #300 Log
  • OSHA #300A Summary Report
  • OSHA #301 Incident Report
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses.


Incidents that result in OSHA recordable injuries are added to OSHA injury recordkeeping forms automatically.

Your OSHA Log will always be up to date with OSHA’s timetable for recording injuries.

ZeraWare eliminates OSHA injury recordkeeping chores and simplifies OSHA’s new digital injury notification process.


OSHA Compliance Audits

Customize OSHA compliance audits to be a perfect fit for your workplace.

  • Audit OSHA Programs: Hazard Communication, Lockout-Tagout, Confined Space Entry, Emergency Plans, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc.
  • Audit OSHA Standards: Hoists & Cranes, Fire Extinguishers, Machine Guards, PPE, Industrial Trucks, Electrical, Hazardous Materials, etc.
  • Rate the severity of cited problems. Assign corrective actions to individuals.
  • Track each corrective action to completion. With ZeraWare, they cannot be overlooked or forgotten.
  • Sort your database of completed audits over time. Identify repeated problems. Resolve shortcomings and improve compliance.
  • ZeraWare provides an efficient process that will ensure your compliance with any OSHA regulation.