Manage Safety Inspections

Key Features

  • Customize safety inspection checklists
  • Track safety inspections by customized categories.
  • Attach photos, videos, documents to safety inspection reports
  • Assign corrective actions to personnel with a target date.
  • Track corrective actions. Ensure that they are done.


Safety Inspection Software

Our Safety Inspection module provides a systematic process for creating and implementing safety inspections that will be a perfect fit for your workplace. Safety managers will have a methodical and efficient system for eliminating safety hazards and ensuring compliance with OSHA safety & health regulations.

Use our safety inspection software to create your own customized, inspection checklists for anything: equipment, housekeeping, safe work practices, PPE, OSHA compliance, industrial hygiene exposures, work areas, hoists, etc. There are no limitations. The inspection form will describe problems cited and corrective actions.

Tracking safety inspections is easy and effortless. The Safety Inspection module will indicate when an inspection has been completed. Anyone at your company with ZeraWare on their computer can click to see the results.

Corrective actions from an inspection can be tracked as well. Every “unsatisfactory” item cited in a safety inspection is listed in a Corrective Action Log. Our safety inspection software will enable personnel to track each corrective action to completion. They cannot be lost, neglected or forgotten.  

Customized safety inspections by ZeraWare . . .

. . . will expedite the correction of safety hazards.

  • ZeraWare provides flexibility. Customize inspections of any kind for anything you want to be monitored, audited or inspected.
  • Track inspections. As soon as an inspection is completed it is added to a “Recent Inspections” list. Your personnel will see if and when inspections have been conducted.
  • Track corrective actions from inspections. Any “Unsatisfactory” item from an inspection is listed in a Corrective Action Log for follow-up.
  • Sort your safety inspection database to uncover repeated OSHA violations or recurring safety hazards.
  • Identify and correct safety concerns. Prevent a future accident or injury.
  • Our safety inspection software provides accountability. A person can be assigned to correcting each item cited on an inspection form along with a target date.
  • With ZeraWare, you have a tracking safety inspections system that goes beyond simple checklists. An assortment of software applications will streamline your ability to find and fix safety problems and prevent future accidents and employee injuries.