Cost – Purchase


  1. ZeraWare is licensed per computer that will use the software.
  2. Options that affect the total cost:
    • The number of computers using the software.
    • Standard or Enterprise version
    • Cloud or client-server configuration
    • Purchase Ten Minute Safety Meetings – 50 topics - WORD format
  3. Standard Version: 5 modules or Enterprise Version: 6 modules
  4. Click “Request A Quote” on the home page to obtain an exact cost for your options.
  5. Base Price: Database Configuration Options:
    • Cloud Database: $100/month recurrent cost for one license – Standard version
    • Client-Server Database: $3000 single purchase price for one license – Standard version

Obtain a Quote:

  1. Complete a Quote Request Form on-line.
  2. Receive a Quote in return with an exact cost for the attributes selected.
  3. Submit additional Quote Requests for different attributes if desired.


  1. Obtain a Quote first.
  2. Send a Purchase Order to obtain an invoice.
    • email:
    • Postal Service: Safety Management Services, Inc.
      P.O. Box 1606
      Williamsville, New York 14231
  3. b. Submit payment by Company check:
    • No personal checks accepted
    • No credit card purchase accepted


You obtain ZeraWare by downloading the software from our website.

Question - Contact:    716-632-5087