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Authoritative safety reference material for safety meetings or employee training: our “Safety Meeting Guides” provide concise, detailed and practical safety guidelines in an easy-to-read format. Use our “Guides” to simplify the task of educating employees about accident prevention and OSHA requirements. Employee safety talks will be an easier task and a more productive part of your safety program.

To Purchase:

  • 50 safety Meeting Guides
  • COST: $200
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You will receive 50 safety topics to download on your computer or server. Your personnel can simply select a topic, print it, and use it as a guide for talking points.

  • Each concise Safety Meeting Guide is written in outline form for easy reading and referral.
  • Edit and customize the content if you wish. The Guides are in Microsoft WORD format.
  • Written by a C.S.P. with 20 years of industrial safety experience; the content is both authoritative and practical.
    • Reinforce safety procedures
    • Review OSHA requirements
    • Establish an effective channel of communication about safety
    • Increase employee’s safety awareness
    • Build a positive safety culture
  • Our safety guidelines are a time saver. No need to prepare training material yourself. We have done it for you.
  • The Safety Meeting Guides can be used in several ways:
    – Post on bulletin boards
    – Print for hand-outs
    – Scan and display at group meetings
    – Use them for conducting safety talks
  • Topics:
    Safe Work Methods
    Elevated Work
    Confined Space
    Fire Hazards
    Hoist-Crane Safety
    Power Hand Tools
    Slip – Trip Hazards
    Watch Out – Others
    Hearing & Noise
    Access To Records
    Flammable Liquids
    Hand Tools
    Pedestrian Safety
    Pay Attention
    Machine Hazards
    Safety Shoes
    Fork Truck Safety
    Machine Guards
    Welding Safety
    Electrical Safety
    Office Hand Safety
    Prevent Back Strain
    Accident Prevention
    Using Shovel
    Breakdown Hazards
    Using Sharps
    Office Ergonomics
    Lockout – Tagout
    Hand Safety
    Office Mail Hazard
    Office Safety
    Pinch Points
    Hoist Inspections
    Ladder Safety
    No Horseplay
    Cumulative Trauma
    Eye Hazards
    Bloodborne Pathogens
    Office Fire Safety
    Welding Fumes
    Take Time
    Using Respirators
    Fire Extinguishers
    Using knives
    Inspect Work Area
    Office Electrical
    Compressed Air
    Hazard Communication
  • Sample Safety Meeting Guide # 10 – Hearing Conservation
  • Our Safety Meeting Guides can be purchased with ZeraWare safety management software or as a stand alone purchase.

CONTACT – QUESTION FREE Safety Meeting Guide