How will ZeraWare software improve a workplace safety training program?

Safety Training Software & Safety Meeting Guides

FAQ: ZeraWare Safety Training Software for a superior safety training program.

cranetraining1Safety training software from ZeraWare will enable you to schedule, manage and track employee safety training with ease and efficiency.

Our software applications provide a productive process for planning, documenting and tracking required employee safety training.

Our safety training software has numerous practical features that will enhance and improve a safety training program:

ZeraWare creates and maintains a safety training data base with sophisticated features that far exceed the capabilities of generic software like WORD or Excel.

Eliminate paper based recordkeeping problems with ZeraWare safety training software. Never misplace or lose training records again. All your safety training records are in one convenient place: secure and readily accessible, 24/7.

Track completed safety training of all your employees; by name, training topic, job title and date. Scan training tables to easily and quickly find the training information you are looking for.

See a log of all the safety training attended for each employee. ZeraWare safety training software updates completed safety training records automatically with each new training session attended.

ZeraWare will notify designated personnel of required safety training that is due, automatically. Required safety training will never be missed or overlooked with ZeraWare Safety Software.

Save time and eliminate tedious training related tasks. Changes to scheduled training session dates, times or attendee names is easy and effortless.

Maintain a customized list of all required training with topics, job titles, when the training is required and who requires it (i.e. OSHA, EPA, DOT, Corporate).

Confirm compliance with OSHA training requirements. Be prepared for future OSHA inspections with our safety training software. Attach signed attendance sheets and training programs to training sessions where they are secure, can’t be lost and are easy to access.
Bottom Line: with ZeraWare safety training software, you have a well designed safety training system that delivers a superior safety training program.


ZeraWare Safety Meeting Guides . . .

. . . for employee safety talks or safety training

With 50 safety & health topics to choose from, our Safety Meeting Guides provide authoritative details about work related safety hazards, safety precautions and OSHA requirements that apply to most workplaces.

Utilize our Safety Meeting Guides to strengthen your safety training program:
– Reinforce safety procedures
– Review OSHA requirements
– Establish an effective channel of communication about safety
– Increase employee’s safety awareness
– Build a positive safety culture

Written in outline form for easy reading and reference. Can be customized if desired.
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