Service & Support

Support Services

Free Support Services:

  1. Customer Support
    • Assistance with any question about ZeraWare features or functions.
  2. Webinar – Free Trial – Quote Support
    • Assistance with any questions about ZeraWare.
  3. Web Site Visitors Support
    • Assistance with any questions about ZeraWare

Fee-Based Support Services Package

A Support Services Package is included with each purchase. This package includes the following:

  1. Technical Support:
    • Unlimited tech support requests for any operational dysfunction with ZeraWare, even if the cause is external to our software.
  2. Safety Management Support
    • Advice and recommendations from a C.S.P. for utilizing ZeraWare software applications.
  3. ZeraWare Upgrades
    • Unlimited – no fee
  4. OSHA Compliance
    • No cost for any change in OSHA injury recordkeeping forms by the agency.
    • Assistance with any ZeraWare application involving OSHA regulatory requirements.
  5. Cost
    • The price is based on the number of licenses purchased.
    • The cost is annual.
    • The price per year is provided in our purchase price Quote, prior to purchase.
  6. Other
    • Without the Support Services Package; there is a cost for providing IT services for a computer or server related issue or human error that is the cause of a problem with ZeraWare.

Contact ZeraWare

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