Safety Management Software

Safety management software – for managing employee safety.

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ZeraWare is an advanced safety management system. Our safety software provides practical computer applications for managing the essential components of a safety program: incident reports, accident investigations, safety training, safety inspections and OSHA injury recordkeeping.

ZeraWare is a significant upgrade from using paper files or generic software like WORD or EXCEL. Our safety software has state-of-the-art, user friendly functions that were specifically designed for safety management applications. Every feature was created by a Certified Safety Professional for safety professionals.

With ZeraWare safety software, you have a modern, sophisticated, computer based management process for administering a safety program. ZeraWare provides the means and method to perform administrative and regulatory safety management tasks easier, faster and more efficiently.

What Is ZeraWare Safety Software

ZeraWare Safety Software is an authoritative, innovative process for managing employee safety. Our safety software is based on safety management principles and strategies with a proven track record of producing successful safety programs with excellent safety records. This safety software provides safety managers with a modern, computer based safety management system.

Our safety management software contains an array of practical, computer based safety management tools. Integrated into each module are numerous features and functions for performing safety management tasks easier, faster and better. The safety software features and functions in each module provide a more advanced, sophisticated and productive way to manage employee safety. Any industry or enterprise of any size will find ZeraWare Safety Software compatible with the core components of their employee safety program.

With our safety software it will be easy to computerize your safety program. If you are relying on paper forms and files or generic software such as WORD or EXCEL, ZeraWare Safety Software will be a significant upgrade in terms of what can be accomplished. All of the computer functions in this safety software were specifically designed for safety management applications.

Our safety software creates an extensive data base of safety management details, information and data. We provide an array of safety software applications that will help identify and resolve safety program problems. ZeraWare safety management software can be used on a desk top computer in an office, a lap top in a truck or in any remote location. Install our safety software on a single computer or a server that connects computers or multiple locations across the country. We offer clients a choice of platforms. Our safety software can be a client-server configuration: the ZeraWare data base can be installed on your computer or server. Or, you can have a web based configuration where your data base is on our cloud platform.

The computer based tools in ZeraWare Safety Software will enable you to implement a more efficient and effective safety management process. You will have greater control over the causes and prevention of accidents. Your accident prevention efforts will be more productive and your safety program more efficient.

ZeraWare Safety Software was developed by a safety professional, for safety professionals.