ZeraWare Webinars

Weekly Webinars

Next Webinar: Thursday - March 1 - 3:00 PM EST

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  • Thursdays – 3:00 PM Eastern Time
  • Public Attendance
  • Free
  • Informational Orientation
  • 29 minutes duration
  • Live presentation
  • Questions Answered
  • Content:
    • How ZeraWare can be set-up and used.
    • How to use the Incident Report module to compile safety data, identify accident patterns, find and fix safety hazards, customize incident report forms and prevent future accidents.
    • How to use the Accident Investigation module to determine the causes of accidents, assign corrective actions, track corrective actions to completion and prevent a similar accident in the future.
    • How our Safety Inspections module allows you to create customized safety inspections and OSHA compliance audits to prevent future accidents and ensure compliance with OSHA requirements.
    • See how our Manage Safety Training module tracks employee safety training by topic, person and job job title. Learn how ZeraWare alerts you when required safety training is due and who needs to attend.
    • How ZeraWare fills in 4 OSHA Injury Recordkeeping forms for you, automatically.
    • Learn about the additional features of ZeraWare Enterprise, including a dashboard of charts with safety data from all the modules, compiled automatically in real time.

Private WebinarsRequest Webinar

  • Upon Request - Date & Time is flexible
  • Private Attendance - Conducted for a single Company upon request
  • Free
  • Informational Orientation
  • 29+ minutes (duration is flexible)
  • Live presentation
  • Questions Answered
  • Content: same as Weekly Webinars plus additional information as requested