What is Zeraware Safety Software?

ZeraWare Is:

  1. State-of-the-art computer applications for managing a successful safety program.
  2. Powerful safety management tools for Safety Managers that expands safety functions to another level.
  3. An advanced safety management system for controlling the causes of accidents and preventing employee injuries.

ZeraWare Modules:

Incident Report: Document and track accidents.

  • Compile accident data in seconds. Choose charts or tables to communicate details.
  • Incident report data fields can be customized to suit your operation, terminology and policies.
  • Sort and analyze incident details. Reveal patterns, fix hazards, resolve repeated problems.

Accident Investigation: Determine why accidents happen.

  • Document relevant details. Identify multiple causes. Assign corrective actions.
  • A Root Cause Analysis option can be used for in depth investigations.
  • Track corrective actions. Ensure their completion. Eliminate hazards.

Safety Inspections: Find & correct hazards.

  • Customize checklists for safety inspections and OSHA compliance audits.
  • Assign and track corrective actions from inspections. Eliminate hazards.
  • Search and sort inspection results. Identify patterns and fix problems.

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping: These forms are completed for you.

  • OSHA 300 Log
  • OSHA 300A Annual Summary
  • OSHA 301 Incident Report
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Survey of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses.

Manage Employee Training: Schedule, record and track safety training.

  • Ensure compliance with any safety training requirements.
  • Multiple tables display employee safety training attended, expired or due.
  • Track completed training: by person, date, topic and job. Ensure compliance.

System Options For ZeraWare

  1. One computer at one location.
  2. Multiple computers or locations. Your database is on your server.
  3. Web based: your database is on our Cloud platform. Multiple computers or locations.

The ZeraWare Safety Software Advantage:

  1. ZeraWare is Professional Grade. It was designed by a Certified Safety Professional for safety professionals.
  2. ZeraWare is user-friendly. Computer-based functions are practical and easy to use. User Guides are very detailed.
  3. ZeraWare saves time and work. “Work smarter not harder”. Compile data, track safety functions, eliminate tedious recordkeeping, monitor corrective actions; with ease.
  4. ZeraWare has a quick Return-On-Investment. Our safety software produces a well organized safety management system that will control the causes of accidents, reduce employee injuries, lower Worker’s Compensation costs, ensure OSHA compliance and reduce the risk of costly penalties.
  5. ZeraWare can be client-server based or web based. Your safety database can be on your server or our Cloud platform.