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ZeraWare’s Safety Software Will Prevent Accidents and Ensure OSHA Compliance

Our story: past, present and future.

Meet Tom Zera, Founder of Zeraware Safety Software

ZeraWare was conceived by a Certified Safety Professional with 25 years of safety management experience in industry; as a safety manager, corporate safety director and managing director of a safety consulting firm.

Years of real-world safety management experience is the foundation of the safety management functions in ZeraWare. Tedious or difficult tasks have been replaced by software applications that save time, prevent errors and are more efficient.

The software applications in ZeraWare were developed in collaboration with a team of software engineers. The task was to produce a computer-based safety management system. The result is an extensive array of safety software applications that streamline safety management tasks and solve common safety program problems.

Many of our safety software functions apply to OSHA compliance. Our software fills in four OSHA injury recordkeeping forms automatically when an OSHA recordable injury occurs. Set up ZeraWare to alert you in advance when required safety training is due and who needs to attend. Customize OSHA compliance inspections for any OSHA regulation. Monitor the current status of OSHA compliance and safety program functions with the dashboard. With ZeraWare, you have command and control.

After twelve years of modifications, improvements and additional features; ZeraWare gives safety managers time-saving, productive ways to execute and manage a strong safety program that excels.

ZeraWare safety software continues to evolve. We employ a continuous improvement process with upgrades every year. Our objective is to give safety managers user-friendly safety management tools that will make their safety program even better, year after year.

Thank you,
Thomas L. Zera, C.S.P.

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