About ZeraWare

ZeraWare Safety Software is a sustainable safety management system for managing the core components of a sound safety program. Our user-friendly software applications target three tangible objectives: prevent employee accidents, ensure compliance with OSHA regulations and reduce Worker’s Compensation costs. The safety management forms and procedures in ZeraWare were developed by a C.S.P. with 30 years of safety management experience in industry as a Facility Safety Manager, Corporate Safety Director and safety consultant.

ZeraWare gives safety managers a methodical process for administering a strong safety program. Our software provides an assortment of safety software tools. These tools streamline safety management tasks and prevent errors or oversight with computer-based safety solutions. Our software applications perform tedious or difficult recordkeeping functions automatically in real time. Safety managers are able to monitor the execution of their safety program easily and quickly 24/7. Problems and safety concerns are discovered before they get out of hand.

ZeraWare will monitor employee safety functions for you. With every incident report, safety inspection, accident investigation or employee safety training session; ZeraWare is tracking and documenting the details automatically in a variety of tables and charts. With a click of the mouse administrators can view the current status of numerous safety program functions and take appropriate action.

Our safety software is not entirely passive. It is pro-active. Several software applications will notify YOU of important aspects of the safety program, automatically. For example: OSHA required safety training cannot be overlooked or forgotten. ZeraWare will inform you when required safety training is due: per person, topic and date.

ZeraWare will ensure a quick response to safety situations as well. Designated personnel can be notified by e-mail when an incident report occurs or if corrective action is required from a safety inspection. Our software can prevent a delay in responding to recognized safety hazards or an employee injury.

Bottom line: ZeraWare has real-world safety software applications that will enhance the ability of a safety program to prevent employee injuries, reduce Worker’s Compensation costs and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.

Thank you,
Thomas L. Zera, C.S.P.
ZeraWare Safety Software