Safety Dashboard Software

Monitor Your Safety Program with Our Safety Dashboard Software

The Dashboard automatically tracks safety management functions for you.

  • Monitor the current status of your safety program with graphs, tables and charts.
  • Updates are in Real Time. Produce accurate safety performance reports in seconds.
  • The Dashboard is a time-saving tool that eliminates tedious recordkeeping chores.
Zeraware Safety Software's Dashboard Automatically Tracks Safety Management Functions
Zeraware Safety Software's Dashboard is the Ideal Tool for Safety Communications

The Dashboard is a useful safety communications tool.

  • Post graphs on bulletin boards to inform and engage employees.
  • Print tables and charts that illustrate issues for safety meetings.
  • Track safety data to note improvement or confirm problems.

Monitor the execution of safety management functions

  • Track the status of completing safety training requirements.
  • Monitor the correction of hazards cited in safety inspections.
  • The Dashboard provides a way to supervise safety functions by the numbers.
Zeraware Safety Software's Dashboard Monitors the Execution of Safety Management

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