Incident Report Software

Our User Friendly Format Records Important Details

  • After attending to an injury; our Incident Report module provides helpful tools.
  • Details of any kind of Incident can be documented with our Report Form.
  • Expedite safety communications: ZeraWare can automatically notify people by cell phone or computer when an Incident Report is completed.
Zeraware Safety Software Offers OSHA-Friendly Incident Tracking
Zeraware Safety Software Applications Save You Time

ZeraWare applications SAVE TIME

  • Recent Incident Reports are displayed on the homepage. No need to search.
  • Compile data to produce safety performance reports in minutes, not hours.
  • Save time completing Incident Reports: customize data fields to suit your needs.

Special features help prevent future incidents

  • Attach pictures or video to Incident Reports to illustrate safety hazards involved.
  • Sort your database of incident details for clues that will prevent future incidents.
  • Track incident data to evaluate the success of preventive actions.
Zeraware Safety Software's Special Features Eliminate Future Incidents

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