Time Saving Tools

ZeraWare Safety Software

Incident Report Module

  • New Incident Reports are listed automatically. No need to search.
  • Compile incident data in minutes not hours.
  • User-friendly Incident report forms are completed quickly.

Accident Investigation Module

  • Our Root Cause Analysis quickly identifies contributing causes.
  • Incident details are filled in for you. No repeated data entry needed.
  • A Corrective Action Log quickly confirms if corrective actions are done.

Safety Inspection Module

  • Customize safety inspection checklists in minutes not hours.
  • A simple format makes safety inspections easy to conduct and record.
  • Sort inspection data to quickly find and act on recurrent problems.

Manage Safety Training Module

  • Schedule and track required safety training with time-saving efficiency.
  • Tedious recordkeeping is eliminated. Our software updates automatically.
  • ZeraWare informs you when safety training is due. No work required.

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping

  • ZeraWare eliminates this time-consuming recordkeeping chore.
  • OSHA injury recordkeeping forms are completed automatically.
  • The forms are filled in correctly and update instantly. No work required.

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