24/7 Safety Management Tracking Features

ZeraWare Safety Software

Incident Report Module

  • A Dashboard automatically tracks details from every accident investigation.
  • Track Incidents and corrective actions with a click of the mouse.
  • Compare the results of safety campaigns easily and quickly.

Accident Investigation Module

  • Use a Dashboard to track the details of accident investigations.
  • See the results of investigations as soon as they are completed.
  • Track corrective actions from investigations to ensure they are done.

Safety Inspection Module

  • A Dashboard automatically tracks the results of safety inspections.
  • Use Search & Sort to find and correct repeated inspection problems.
  • Each corrective action from inspections can be tracked until done.

Manage Safety Training Module

  • A Dashboard tracks safety training by person, topic, job title, date.
  • Track required safety training 24/7. Updates are in real time.
  • Tables and charts document safety training due and when done.

OSHA Injury Recordkeeping

  • OSHA Injury Recordkeeping forms are filled in automatically.
  • Forms are filled in when an OSHA recordable injury is recorded.
  • Updates are automatic 24/7 and can be easily tracked.

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