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Managing Employee Safety

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ZeraWare Safety Software Benefits

Save Time

  • Obtain abundant safety data
    in seconds.
    With a click of the mouse.

  • Avoid tedious recordkeeping
    ZeraWare does it for you!

  • Manage multiple safety functions
    quickly - easily - efficiently.

Maintain OSHA Compliance

  • OSHA Injury Recordkeeping forms
    are filled in for you automatically.

  • ZeraWare notifies you:
    when OSHA required training is due.
    It cannot be overlooked.

  • Customize OSHA inspection forms.
    Track corrective actions.
    Manitain compliance.

Prevent Accidents

  • Track results of safety inspections.
    Find & remove hazards with precision.

  • Streamline accident investigation.
    Moniter corrective actions.
    Prevent recurrent accidents.

  • Ensure employee safety training.
    Track by person, job title, and topic.
    Prevent accidents from unsafe acts.

Manage OSHA Compliance

Easily - Efficiently - Successsfully

Streamline OSHA Compliance Inspections

  • Customize inspection forms for any OSHA regulation.

  • Attach photographs or videos. Illustrate compliance issues.

  • Search and sort inspection data - find and fix repeated problems.

  • Monitor corrective action - confirm compliance - at your computer.

Zeraware Safety Software Implements an Effective Safety Inspection System
Zeraware Safety Software Helps You Manage, Monitor, and Control Employee Safety Training

Eliminate OSHA Injury Recordkeeping Tasks

  • OSHA Injury Recordkeeping forms are filled in for you automatically.

  • A tedious, time-consuming task is eliminated. No errors or oversight.

  • Compliance with OSHA's time limit for recording injuries is automatic.

  • Eliminate the risk of OSHA injury recordkeeping violations and penalties.

Ensure Required Employee Safety Training

  • ZeraWare will notify you in advance when required safety training is due by topic and date per employee.

  • Training tables update the current status in real-time: automatically.

  • Compliance is easy to schedule, track, and maintain.

  • When an OSHA Comliance Inspection occurs: compliance can be illustrated and confirmed at your computer.

Zeraware Safety Software Makes Safety Training More Efficient

See How ZeraWare Can Improve Your Safety Program

Customer Comments

"I could not be happier with the software and recommend it with a high degree of confidence."

Marc Kurtzman - Corporate EH&S Leader
Remantix Inc.

"ZeraWare has many useful applications that have improved our safety program and our safety record."

Heidi Dodson
Rappahannock Goodwill Industries

"ZeraWare safety software is very user-friendly. The applications are practical and easy to use."

Mike Schum - VP Operations
Postler & Jaeckle Corp.

"This software has been instrumental in our ability to implement an effective safety program."

Richard Oleszak - Plant Manager
Mod-Pac Corp.

"ZeraWare Safety Software has been a great value and easy to navigate to record our safety efforts."

Paul Ormonde - Construction Safety Manager
Kaiser Permanente

"ZeraWare has helped us track and report safety-related incidents, inspections, investigations and corrective actions as well as OSHA reporting."

Mike Botting - CIO
Oxford Instruments

"ZeraWare is an integral tool in our safety and loss control efforts. The ZeraWare team is amazing and provides truly great service."

Jennifer Dietderich, CIC - Claims Supervisor
The Nitsche Group


"ZeraWare filled our requirements for injury tracking and so much more: tracking training, accident investigation and inspections. We are very happy with its performance."

Peggy Hieatt - Safety & Loss Control Coordinator
Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

Database Configuration

Your database is on the Cloud. 100% secure.

Application Configuration

Install ZeraWare on each computer.

Initial Set-Up - $250

Support Services Included
Cost Per Year
1 $1500
5 $3000
10 $5000

Price Criteria

ZeraWare is licensed per computer that will use the software.

The purchase price is based on the number of computers (licenses).

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