Safety Management Software
Managing Employee Safety

ZeraWare is:


For Managing Employee Safety

  • Create - Monitor - Track safety program functions
  • Control the causes of accidents — prevent employee injuries
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA regulations

ZeraWare is:


For A Sound Safety Program

  • Create effective safety procedures
  • Develop safety conscious personnel
  • Prevent unsafe acts and conditions
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ZeraWare Modules

ZeraWare Demo

  • How ZeraWare will ensure your compliance with OSHA regulations.
  • How ZeraWare applications track safety program functions for you.
  • How ZeraWare will prevent employee injuries in different ways.
  • How to monitor the execution of your safety program.
Zeraware Safety Management Software

ZeraWare Webinars

  • See how ZeraWare will solve safety problems and ensure OSHA compliance.
  • Live presentation by a C.S.P. with industrial safety management experience.
  • Practical safety management functions and tasks illustrated and explained.
  • Weekly – Thursdays – 3:00 PM EDT - 29 minutes.
  • Private Webinars available upon request.
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About ZeraWare

  • T. L. Zera created ZeraWare after 25 years of safety management experience.
  • Industrial safety manager, Corporate Safety Director, Safety Consultant.
  • Safety software applications with real-world success and practical utility.
  • ZeraWare provides the tools for managing a successful safety management system.

Customer Comments

  • “I could not be happier with the software.”
  • “The software is user friendly.”
  • “The ZeraWare team is amazing and provides truly great service!”
  • “ZeraWare has useful applications that have improved our safety program and record.”
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ZeraWare — Enterprise Version

  • Dashboard compiles safety data from all modules in Real Time.
  • Integrate ZeraWare with your Company’s Active Directory.
  • Employ a role based permission system of restrictions for different personnel.
  • Automatic e-mail alerts for incident reports, corrective actions, employee training due.

Cost — Obtain Quote

  • Database Options: Cloud or Client-Server.
  • Purchase options: single purchase price or annual cost.
  • Modest cost + practical applications = high value.
  • Obtain Quote for a precise cost.
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Support Services

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Safety Program Applications Support
  • Software application Upgrades
  • Updates if OSHA revises report forms
  • Questions Answered – Problems solved

Customer Satisfaction


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Technical Requirements

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